This is the last part of a paper I wrote on the formation of Christian identity and the role of polemic rhetoric. Part 1 is here & Part 2 here If this behavior had occurred evenly throughout Christianity, I doubt paganism would have come under the attack that it did from…
Speak Plainly | Ἁπλῶς διαλέγου
Shun what belongs to others | Ἀλλοτρίων ἀπέχου
This is part 2 of a paper I wrote, part 1 is here. While Celsus attacked Christianity with broad strokes, Porphyry sought out contradictions in the…
The following is the paper I wrote for my independent study course during my MA History program.
Guard what is yours | Ἴδια φύλαττε
I asked ChatGPT which Greek Gods would govern over it.
Σοφίαν ζήλου
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Hearth of Hellenism