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05 - Christianization in Late Antiquity w/ Dr. Maijastina Kahlos

Christianization in Late Antiquity is a complex topic and fascinating area for historical research. My guest, Maijastina Kahlos and I discuss this pivotal period in human history.

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Angelo Nasios
Greek History, Religion, and Culture. Reflections on Contemporary Theolatry.
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Maijastina Kahlos is a historian and classicist at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Her research interests broadly include late Roman history, particularly the fourth and fifth century C.E., the religions in the Roman Empire, Christianization of the Empire, and Roman everyday life.

She is the author and editor of several books, among them include:

  • Religious Dissent in the Late Roman Empire in 350-450: Alienation, Accommodation, and Adaptation.

  • Forbearance and Compulsion: Rhetoric of Tolerance and Intolerance in Late Antiquity

  • Debate and Dialogue: Christian and Pagan Cultures

This is a topic and area of study that I am deeply interested in and Dr. Kahlos’ work has been influential on my understanding of Christianization and Late Antiquity. I highly recommend her work for those seeking to understanding this period of history.

Maijastina’s website is below.