Angelo Nasios is a mýstis, mántis, historian, and author. A former blogger of Patheos Pagan (2017-19), Angelo's blog Hearth of Hellenism discussed the Hellenic tradition, its history, and current expression as a living tradition.

Hearth of Hellenism was relaunched in 2022 on Substack, dedicated to exploring and discussing Greek history, religion, and culture - along with reflections on contemporary theolatry (polytheism).

Angelo fearlessly raises awareness and combats cultural appropriation of Hellenism in neo-paganism and elsewhere.​

Angelo’s rise to prominence began in the tarot community with his YouTube channel in 2008. Angelo authored two tarot books and presents at national conferences.

Angelo has an M.A in Ancient History and B.A in Religious Studies.

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Greek History, Religion, and Culture. Reflections on Contemporary Theolatry.


Angelo Nasios is a New York-based author. Angelo holds an M.A in Ancient History and a B.A in Religious Studies.